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Latest technology for online shopping

Hello folks,

Is any one familiar with Latest technology for online shopping?

Please share some idea or tricks ??


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Internet of Things(IoT) is going to revolutionize the Ecommerce industry. The sensors, smart cameras, the wearables, applications,the algorithm s will make the e-commerce experience more sophisticated.

For example You are planning for an evening party with your friends. So u log in to amazon to buy a shirt.

Amazon already knows you are planning for a party in the evening with your friends. It shows only party wear shirts for you. Amazon also knows your favorite color (purple), it knows your shoulder size, height, weight and tight fit or loose fit etc,

You avoid s the suggestion of Amazon and select a yellow colour. The system alert you “ saying your mother in-law don't like yellow colour”.

Here are some technologies that are changing the game for retailers:

1. Physical Showrooms For Online Sales.
2. Smart Mirrors.
3. Augmented And Virtual Realities.
4. Checkout-Free Stores.
5. Face-Based Buying.
6. Voice-Based And Visual Search.
7. Chatbots.
8. Drones.

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