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How can I create content with joomla extension?

Hello everyone,

How can I create content with joomla extension?

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Adding Icons. Next, we will add the content to the cell. Start with an Icon, the most commonly used element in the text group design. Let’s add an icon to the cell. Click the “Add”, and select the “Icon”. In the dialog, type “Idea” in the search field. We see the tabs filtering icons by styles. Select “All” and choose the Linear Light Bulb icon. For the Icon there are the most popular presets, we select the one with the circle. Preset Colors are used from the Palette set earlier. We stay with the first color.

Adding Texts. Add a Heading. Modify the Heading typing a new text. Change the Text Size and the Letter Spacing. If you don’t like the results or you changed your mind, undo the changes by selecting the Heading default from the list in the panel. We defined those Text Styles earlier in the Headings and Texts.

Editing Texts. Add a Text. Select a part of the text and make it Bold and Italic. Select another part of the text and add a Hyperlink. Specify the destination Joomla Article in the dialog.

Adding Buttons. Add Button using the alternative way, by clicking the Plus to the right top of the cell. The Button also has presets. Let’s select the bordered one. Make the button rounded. Changed the Button Height. Enter the new text. After fine-tuning, select the Joomla Destination Article for the Button. Click Save to save the Article.

Alignment In Cells. Alignment and consistency are the important design principles. Moving controls again we see the guiding magnets and sizes, which help to follow those principles.

Moving Elements. You can move the Heading, Icon, Text — any element, into the Block above the Grid and into another Cell. Containers are highlighted with borders and labeled with hints, therefore it is always clear in which container controls will be placed. Auto-align the content cells horizontally and vertically.

You see, the result is achieved much easier and way quicker, comparily to drawing this block mockup in a graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop.

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