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Which server do you prefer?

I prefer Linux Centos. Not Windows. What do you prefer?

Searching for the right dedicated server provider that fits your needs may seem like a difficult task. Many providers and colocation data centers may claim to be the one you need. Before deciding on a dedicated server provider—do your own research to get an understanding of what your business needs.

Some key point while choosing any hosting server provider:

More Reliability - A web hosting companies reliability is the most important thing when it comes to web hosting service. Depending upon how consistent and stable the Host Service is reliability is rated.

Lower Price - Price is another important factor while choosing a web hosting provider. Quality along with affordability is the base factor for Price.

Best Support - A web hosting companies support plays an important role. Hence an individual should choose a web hosting service according to the support it provides.

More Speed - Speed and uptime also plays a major role in a website's performance. A good web hosting provider should at least guarantee an uptime of 99% with a good website speed.

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I prefer the RHEL server or Ubuntu server.
They are the best and they don't get attacked much.
Even if they get attacked, they are not easy to breach.

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