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Best e-shop in Europe to buy presents?

Would like to ask you to help me in choose a toy for my son.
Came across and found out many of them.
What is better:
Aircraft Trainer (aircraft that uses a gyroscope to balance the flight in all axes)
SCOUT 1210mm ARF (Excellent as the first fully acrobatic model for moderately advanced pilots).

???? Please help me to choose

I'd rather choose Nano RC Airplane 2.4 Ghz as a present for my kid. I like e-shop, they offer so many cool model at a good price.
The aircraft is made of durable EPP plastic material, which makes it almost unbreakable. The model is controlled by a 2.4 GHz dual-channel transmitter and is very easy to use, thanks to the integrated gyroscope, it flies straight. The powerful micro engines of the aircraft are powered by a LI-pol battery 3.7 V 75 mAh, which can be changed and fly continuously for a long time.

I am impressed with [url= ALPHA[/url] 110 RTF MODE 2 - really cool.
Despite its small size, the 110ka is a developed multicopter, thanks to the already proven multicopter software and the GR-18 gyroscopic receiver.

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